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Great ideas for your Company Video.

Dan Hansen,
Founder & CEO,


Testimonial video

A global Meditation Organization and United Nations NGO. We did 83 Large scale template videos for them so far. As well as a UN World Peace Day Video in 10 Global Languages. You see here one of three Branding-Testimonial videos we did for them. We did the recordings over 3 days at a Conference. Interviewing 50 testimonies from 20 different Countries.


Marketingvideoz has created 80+ educational videos for us. As well as UN World Peace Day videos in 10 languages. They have professionally handled the whole video creation life cycle for us, from creating scripts, handling camera shoots, editing and YouTube/ Google ranking. We have registered more than 1 Million views on our YouTube channel in an year

Victor Kannan,
Director of Heartfulness Institute, USA

Innovation RT Summit

Corporate video

A Branding-Testimonial video for the biggest European provider of Innovation Conferences for Multinational Companies. They sent us their footage, and we developed the video; storytelling, visual design, and effects. Later they used the video design on their website as well.


It's been a pleasure to work with, as they understood the target audience and style of video we were aiming at and created our events, promotional videos professionally and quickly. We also really appreciated their kindness and ability to satisfy our specific requests.

Vittorio Pennazio.
Marketing Manager, Innovation Roundtable.


Explainer Video

A creative Explainer Video with 17 to 24-year-olds as the target group. Using their mascot in an animation. Showing screen recordings of the website to guide the viewer through the web application.


We happily recommend MarketingVideoz to anyone who wants to communicate about their product to their audience - they have a really strong grasp of marketing and they are able to create a video storyline that really resonate with your target audience. Speaking with Dan and his team always leads to insightful conversations on marketing.

Giri Devanathan 
Founder and CEO, Buysmaart.


Smaart pulse Video

We created the storytelling and all content from the ground. We added some animation and effects. Telling about nature the video footage had to be natural and pure, yet showing the seriousness of the problems to be dealt with.


Your team did an amazing job bringing my Vision to life. I'm happy to recommend and look forward to doing my next video project with you.

Giri Devanathan,
Founder and CEO, Enixta.

Yotta Real

Spokesperson Video

We created all content from the ground. Creating a feeling of following a super user in the different situations of using the mobile app.

We used footage with green screen and replaced with screen recordings of their mobile application interface.


Branding Video

A branding video used in a LinkedIn ad campaign. We created all content from the ground. Using very high-end video footage and visual effects. Instead of recording, we could create a video at a fraction of the price by using stock video footage.


Dan is creative, caring and super customer-focussed. I had a chance to work with him more than 2 times on different occasions to create marketing videos. Dan's ability to offer recommendations yet provide full flexibility to the customer to chose what is right for them, is a stand-out characteristic of him. I have recommended Dan's company to others in the past and felt proud of his work with them. A true professional and pleasant person to work with.

Ranadheer Velamuri



Spokesperson Video

They recorded, and we enhanced their footage and sound recordings. We edited with effects and linking directly from the video to their website. We ranked them under “cheap accountant, ” and they are still ranked on page 1 in YouTube.

---------------------------------------- created 2 Videoz for us so far. We delivered looong recordings with lots of mistakes. But enhanced it and had it come out in very high quality. We happily recommend to all industries.

Allan Bernhard,

Cansr Clinic

Branding Video

The entire video is based on high quality Stock Video footage. We researched 20,000 footages before finalizing the Video


Marketingvideoz did an amazing job when they completed our video within the timelines and budget. They were very responsive and took great pains to get things right as early as possible. They seem to access to materials and talent to deliver high quality video productions. It was a pleasure working with them.

Dr. Muralee